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After completing a two-week shoot at Camberwell Studios, I could not have hoped for a better experience. Andy and his team were supportive and accommodating throughout, which enabled us to focus fully on the comprehensive job at hand”    Natasha Preville: Producer –

Studio 1

Welcome to Studio 1 – a medium sized studio set up green as standard with a full infinity curve. This studio is perfect for Adverts | Music Videos | Fashion | Corporate | Indies | Animation | VFX | 360 | Car Shoots  and Pack Shots

studio 1

Call us on 020 7737 0007 to talk through the wide range of options and practical help we can supply to get your production running smoothly.


1300sq ft flexible space
Acoustically treated (nearly soundproof)
Full Infinity Cyclorama
Drive in access
300A power inc 3 Phase

Studio 2

Studio 2 is our smaller soundproof space set up to record pieces to camera and interviews in the maximum comfort. You can also shoot just about anything else that will fit in here: music videos, art pieces, adverts, pack shots. You decide.

studio 2

This studio comes pre-lit in green as standard. In addition, we have coloramas and black drapes to get the look you want.


400sq ft
Full Infinity Cyclorama
Pre-lit Greenscreen
There is a green room with make up station just across the way.

Our regular hours are 8am til 6pm, but we can open later and at weekends if required.
Kit and Crew are available on request.
Both studios have their own greenrooms and make up spaces. We have some onsite parking and a kitchen/canteen for shared use.
Catering Options available, and much much more!
We have a wide range of kit available including lights, stands, grip and distribution. Some of these items are included in the hire and some like lights and cameras will be available for hire. Our crewing options include: Directors, DoPs, Gaffers, Sound Engineers, Producion Assistants, Hair & Make Up, Runners and any other expertise you might require (with a bit of notice that is).

Use the contact form above or call us on 020 7737 0007.


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