Filming in London? Find everything you need right here all in one place.


Are you looking to carry out filming in London or the surrounding area? Are you looking for some professional, local help? Then you’ve found it! Look no further. We are Camberwell Studios and we specialise in filming in London.

We provide expert help to production companies and businesses from the US, Europe and other overseas countries who may not be familiar with London, its culture or geography. We understand the challenges that come with organising overseas filming. That’s why we focus on giving all our clients premium quality results, without the premium price tag!


Studio shoot or location shoot?

Budgets, timeframes, logistics – we know what a headache these can all be.

That’s why we recommend you use our ideally located, pre-lit sound proof film and video studios in Central London. They have everything you need (including a green screen) to shoot a variety of different film and video productions. With everything on hand in the one place, they really are the perfect way to keep a handle on filming time and costs.

If you would rather shoot on location, we can facilitate this too. In fact, we’re located close to many ideal shoot locations in London, such as the theatrical west end, the financial district in the city and the political hub of Westminster, The Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.


The level of support you want

We can give as much or as little support as you need: studio space, cameras, lenses, lights, casting, extras and suchlike. When it comes to crew, we can also help out here - anything from directors and directors of photography (DoPs) to make up artists and runners.

We have everything you need to hand, and if by some small chance we don’t, we have a network of contacts who we can touch base with and get it for you straight away!In fact, you may find you ask yourself “Why waste time and resource to fly an entire team out to London, when Camberwell Studios have everything you need right here?”

At Camberwell Studios, we have packages to suit your every possible need, including:

  • Full Service Production Studios, and
  • Kit and Crew Packages

Our packages all come with the reassurance that you will benefit from our local knowledge of the culture, geography and quite simply, the way things work in London.

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So, what do you need?

Is it as simple as the hire of our own pre-lit, soundproof film and video studio space? We can have it ready and waiting for your team to use right straight from the airport. So there is no hanging about and you can get to work straight away!Or do you perhaps need a larger production that includes a studio and kit hire, crew, talent sourcing, help with logistics and more? Let us know and we can organise exactly what you need, right down to the last detail.Whatever you need, we’ll get it organised. All you have to do is get in touch today. You can call us on 020 7737 0007 or email us at .


Our expertise

Here are just a few more areas where we can help you create premium quality film and video, without that premium price tag:

  • Share your storyboard and script with us and we will deliver exactly what you require, to your exact specifications.
  • Do you need presenters, models, actors or voice over artists? No problem, we can even provide them with direction for your pieces to camera, product demo or message.
  • Do you require good quality catering, convenient accommodation, reliable prop or set hire? We will source the best quality for you through our extensive network. Because it comes from a supplier on our network, you will get great value for money too.
  • If you want, we can offer you general advice about filming in London and provide lots of options to suit your time frames, budgets and requirements.


What do our clients think?

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some of our clients have had to say about us so far:

'Camberwell studios was extremely helpful in setting up our video project and the client service provided was great and helpful every step of the production ... Great pricing and friendly staff. We would make use of Camberwell studios any time again.'
Uwe Westphal - Newest Productions - BERLIN


'You get the feeling that almost any crew will be happy here. The staff are on the ball, creative and will shape the way they work around the way you do. ... We could not recommend Camberwell Studios highly enough. These guys become part of your team for the duration - working with you to get what you want out of the shoot.'
Andrew Futaishi – Creative Director


Get in touch today

We all know that no two productions are ever the same. So, get in touch with us today to talk through what you need. Our team are waiting to hear from you and are always happy to help.Call us on 020 7737 0007 or email us at .
Remember, we are the number 1 for giving expert help to production companies and businesses from outside of the UK.



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