Camera and Kits

From top-end digital cameras such as the Red Epic Dragon and Arri Alexa, to an extensive range of Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras, to the humble DSLR Camera, you can hire directly from our studios for added convenience.


As a professional film studio, we have an extensive range of production and audio equipment to cater to the majority of requirements. However, should you wish to hire any other production equipment, we are able to arrange this with our trusted suppliers at very competitive rates, and can usually do so at short notice. So forget the hassle of transport costs, hire straight from our studios.Find out more about how we can help you with cameras and Kits.



 Lighting Equipment

We have a small selection of in-house lighting equipment which satisfies most regular requirements. These include:

  • 4.8k Space lights
  • Tungsten cool lights
  • 1kw/2kw lights
  • Key lighting

However, as above, specialist lighting equipment can easily be arranged through our trusted suppliers.


Production Crew

With 10 years of experience behind us, we are able to supply experts in a range of areas including:


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