“The red dragon is a totally awesome, working the other day in a very complex location with little control on the background light and the need for lots of detail in the picture, I thought ok it's time to test the HDR on the camera, this was not possible as I had ordered the set up with a motion mount, however looking at the monitor I was blown away, everything was just so, it held onto the high lights totally and the blacks in foreground had super detail, never seen anything like that before.”.

J Cronenweth DoP [Fight Club, Gone Girl, Social Network, Girl with a dragon tatoo]

Red Epic Dragon: Available for hire NOW

With 6K capture, 100 fps, 15 stops of dynamic range and stunning resolution the new Red Epic Dragon offers filmmakers the best of all choices.

Regularly used for big feature films, TV ads, pop promo’s and more this outstanding camera is now available for hire for use at our studios or out on location.

Our Dragon package includes: RED Epic Dragon 6k camera, a set of Cooke Lenses - Mini S4/i, an extensive essential supporting kit (with access to more at preferential rates), 

AND experienced operator with optional Camera Assistant.

Whether you are filming for an intensive post-production job, or looking for a particular look this combination of camera, lens and operator will give you the results you are after.

Find out more about how we can help you with this camera – read on below or call us on 020 7737 0007



Our Red Epic Dragon Packages

Option A

  • Red Dragon Camera - 6k Resolution
  • Cooke lenses - Mini S4/i
  • DOP/Operator*
  • Camera Assistant
  • Our two man crew will provide DOP and Operator services
From £1,450 + VAT

Option B

  • Red Dragon Camera - 6k Resolution
  • Cooke  lenses - Mini S4/i
  • Camera Operator *
  • You Must provide your own DOP
From £1,100 + VAT

Essential Camera Rental Information

The full kit list that is provided as standard is listed below. To help you understand more about the Red Epic Dragon and Cooke lenses Mini S4/i we have written these two articles:

Please note … We regret we can only provide this camera with at least one of our own team contracted. Camera only hire is not available.

For the best operational performance we always recommend our two-man team consisting of a very experienced DOP/ Cameraman and Camera Assistant. If you don’t choose this option then we recommend you find your own DOP and ours will operate as the cameraman only.



Standard Red Epic Dragon Kit List

The following is kit we supply as standard. When we hire the camera we always talk through what you want to achieve. Sometimes this means changing some of the elements of the kit on a no-cost basis. Sometimes it will mean additional costs. This is quite normal and should be expected.

  • RED Epic Dragon - 6k resolution camera
  • RED remote
  • RED PL Motion / ND titanium lens mount
  • Cooke Mini S4 18,25,32,50,75,100mm T2.8 lenses
  • Arri FF4 follow focus
  • RED LCD 5 inch touch-screen
  • RED OLED viewfinder
  • RED Adaptor module +1
  • 4x 128GB RED cards
  • 2x 256GB RED cards
  • RED Card reader
  • Bright Tangerine Matte Box
  • ND filters .3,.6,.9 and 1.2
  • 5x RED brick battery with 2 double chargers
  • RED Epic mains power supply
  • TV Logic 9 inch and TV Logic 7 inch monitors
  • Tripod head and legs
  • 2 x Crew

Others Camberwell Studios Camera & Operator Hire Packages:

If the Red Dragon camera is not for you, we are also able to supply alternative camera packages with or without camera operators (but for use only at our studios).

Follow this link to find out more on our Kit & Crew Page.

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