About Studio 1

1,300 sq ft. Studio with a 7.15m wide stage area, Green Cyc - can be blacked out or painted white.


Plenty of space for props and crew. Great for film, video & TV production sets, music video productions, corporate videos, seminars and the studio production of small movies for TV.



  • Studio 1 is 16m deep with a 7.15m wide stage area with infinity wall.
  • Drive-in access - for shoots using cars, plus easy deliveries.
  • 300A power with lots of power outlets and options. (2x 63s, 5x 32a, 6x 16a, 13a)
  • Plenty of space for props and crew.
  • Use of flats and wood and tools for simple set and prop building.
  • Painted in green as standard.
  • We can easily and quickly drape the floors and walls in black.
  • Repainting (by arrangement) to white is straightforward too.


Perfect Studio Space for Music Videos, Shoots Using Cars & Large Set Builds.

Great for corporate ad's too with lots of room for production staff to set-up desks, connect to WIFI and be part of the production process.

Painted in green as standard we can easily and quickly drape the floors and walls in black. Repainting (by arrangement) to white is no problem (but usually an overnight job).

And we're FLEXIBLE too. Over the past year some of our productions here have included  Pyrotechnics and fire (within reason!), Water, Stunts and Animals.

We pride ourselves on a friendly relaxed approach to helping every production get the most from the day. This is a great value film and studio space for hire in central London.

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What is an Infinity CYC (Cyclorama)?

Just in case you needed to know this stuff, an Infinity CYC (Cyclorama) curves smoothly at the bottom to meet the film studio floor. This is created so that with the correct lighting an illusion that the studio floor stretches on to infinity can be achieved.

Cycloramas or "cycs" are also used for photography & movie production backdrops which are white to create no background, or green-screen to create a masking backdrop for post production compositing.

Camberwell Film & Video Studios, London, has 2 infinity curves. One for studio 1 and another for our dedicated green screen studio.

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Studio 1 Images

A Few Images Taken in Film Studio 1.

There are more images of our film studios available on the main gallery page. Just click the link below to go straight there.


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Rates / Facilities

Film Studio Space Needn't Cost an Arm & a Leg.



Studio Usage Times Current Price
+ Studio 1 - 10hrs day [8am-6pm] £645
+ Studio 1 - 12hrs day [8am-8pm] £774
+ Studio 1 - Half day - Weekdays £400
+ Studio 1 - Half day - Weekends £400
+ Studio 1 - Extra Hours booked in advance £65
+ Studio 1 - Overtime required on the day - ph £90
+ Studio 1 - Evenings - 2 hours minimum £180
+ Studio 1 - Evenings - 5 hours minimum £400


All Prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate at time of invoicing. 

Repainting to white - from £250. Download our painting chart from our Resources page.



+ 1,300 sq ft + 300A Power (64, 32, 16, 13A Outlets)
+ Dry Hire  Production Office available
+ Drive in for cars + Production Office
+ Lighting Grid at 5 metres + Wardrobe & Make Up Room
+ Infinity Wall + Plenty of on-site parking (no charge)
+ Defacto Green (can be repainted to white) + Shared Use of Canteen 
+ Free Wi-fi  + Catering Available (see Facilities Page)

STUDIO 1 - LIGHTING PACKAGE                                                                (£149 PER DAY)

+ 2 x Space Lights (available on their own at £49)
+ 1 x 2kw key light
+ 1 x 2kw fill light
+ 2 x tungsten cool lights
+ Follow Spots
+ 500w spots
+ 2 x 1kw floods

+ Poly Boards, Trace Board, Gels, Clips, Grip equipment, Stands 

If your lighting requirements aren't satisfied by these packages, we can also hire in lights for you. We have competitive packages in place with reliable lighting and equipment hire companies. Just send us your requirements and we'll get you a quote.

Are you looking for a Cameraman / Operator or do you need a Sound Engineer? Then look at our Kit & Crew page to see what we can offer you.


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Floor Plan

Interactive Floor Plan for Camberwell Film Studios.

Get a quick overview of our studios using this interactive facility.



More About Camberwell Film Studios London...

Camberwell Film Studios welcomed its first customer on Valentines Day in 2009. Just as the global economy was throwing its toys out of the pram signed our lease and on Valentines Day in 2009 welcomed our first customer.

Located on Chartwell Business Park, Camberwell, London, Camberwell Film Studios are discretely located in the right corner of the estate, to the side of an African Apostolic Church.

Other tenants include a branch of the local Kings Hospital, a Car Part Factors.
Nearby is the beautifully laid out Myatts Fields gardens - very nice for a lunchtime chill out if you have the time.

Only 8 minutes walk away is Camberwell itself. If we were estate agents we'd be talking it up. But we don't need to... it's hip, undiscovered and full of emerging film and creative talent. Are you one of them?

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