About Studio 2

400 sq ft Green Screen Studio Hire For Film, Video & Digital Media Productions.


This fantastic chroma key green screen / blue screen film & video studio comes pre-lit and ready for action. Other facilities available include green room, changing room, wifi, cafe, parking for up to 6 cars and space for 20+ people.

A great Digital Green Screen Film & Video Studio for Hire in Central London.



  • Studio 2 is 8m deep with a 4m wide stage area with full cyclorama
  • Pre-lit configuration as standard and very flexible set-ups
  • 2 x 500 spots overhead mounted backlights
  • 2 x ceiling mounted 2kw tungsten cool lights
  • 2 x tungsten cool lights on stands
  • Soundproof
  • 100A power with lots of power outlets and options
  • Use of flats and wood and tools for simple set and prop building
  • Painted in green as standard
  • We can easily and quickly drape the floors and walls in black
  • Repainting (by arrangement) to white is easy too.


Perfect Studio Space for Interviews and Live Sound Recording.

  • Corporate pieces to camera
  • Interviews, music videos
  • Art projects
  • Greenscreen pieces
  • Idents
  • Photo shoots requiring a good range of colorama's


A little more about our dedicated Green Screen Studio.

Painted in green as standard we can easily and quickly drape the floors and walls in black. Repainting (by arrangement) to white is easy too.

We pride ourselves on a friendly relaxed approach to helping every production get the most from the day.  This is a great value Green Screen film and studio space for hire in central London.

The film studio complex has FREE on-site secure parking for up to 6 cars + plus local streets are also free. In addition our London film studios are comfortably fitted out to allow your crew the relaxed working environment to get the most out of your booking.

Facilities include hospitality rooms, wardrobe and changing rooms and an internet cafe style common area.

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What's all this Greenscreen Production Studio about?

Studio 2 has been developed especially for use with Chroma Key Green Screen / Blue Screen and is completely soundproof. Chroma key or Green Screen as it is commonly known is a technique that has been developed for compositing two images or pieces of footage together.

This is achieved by shooting the subject against a green background which is then removed or made transparent in post production and then reveals the other image that has been placed behind it.

Green Screen BeforeGreen Screen After


What's all this Infinity Cyc about?

Just in case you needed to know, an Infinity CYC (Cyclorama) curves smoothly at the bottom to meet the film studio floor. This is created so that with the correct lighting an illusion that the film studio floor stretches on to infinity can be achieved.

Cycloramas or "cycs" are also used for photography backdrops which are white to create no background, or green screen to create a masking backdrop for post production compositing.

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Studio 2 Images

A Few Images Taken in Green Screen Film Studio 2.

There are more images of our green screen film studio available on the main gallery page. Just click the link below to go straight there.


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Rates / Facilities

Hiring Green Screen Film Studio Space Shouldn't Cost an Arm & a Leg.



Studio Usage Times Current Price
+ Studio 2 - 10hrs day [8am-6pm] £445
+ Studio 2 - 12hrs day [8am-8pm] £535
+ Studio 2 - Half day - Weekdays £350
+ Studio 2 - Half day - Weekends £350
+ Studio 2 - Extra Hours booked in advance £45
+ Studio 2 - Overtime required on the day - ph £75
+ Studio 2 - Evenings - 2 hours minimum £140
+ Studio 2 - Evenings - 5 hours minimum £350


All Prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate at time of invoicing. 

Studio 2 can be repainted white - from £180 to £250 for a full paint



+ 400 sq ft + Greenroom / Make up (iron & board /clothes rack)
+ Pre-lit configuration as standard + Plenty of on-site parking (no charge)
+ Full Infinity Cyclorama + Free Wi-Fi
+ Defacto Green (can be repainted to white) + Shared Use of Canteen
+ 100A Power (32, 16, 13A Outlets) + Catering Available (see Facilities Page)


+ 2 x 500w spots - backlights + 2 x tungsten cool lights - floor mounted
+ 2 x tungsten cool lights - ceiling mounted  + Flexible Set-Up

Are you looking for a Cameraman/Operator or do you need a Sound Engineer? Then look at our Kit & Crew page to see what we can offer you.

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Floor Plan

Interactive Floor Plan for Camberwell Film Studios.

Get a quick overview of our studios using this interactive facility.


More About Camberwell Film Studios London...

Camberwell Film Studios welcomed its first customer on Valentines Day in 2009. Just as the global economy was throwing its toys out of the pram signed our lease and on Valentines Day in 2009 welcomed our first customer.

Located on Chartwell Business Park, Camberwell, London, Camberwell Film Studios are discretely located in the right corner of the estate.

Other tenants include a branch of the local Kings Hospital, a Car Part Factors.
Nearby is the beautifully laid out Myatts Fields gardens - very nice for a lunchtime chill out if you have the time.

Only 8 minutes walk away is Camberwell itself. If we were estate agents we'd be talking it up. But we don't need to …it's hip, undiscovered and full of undiscovered film and creative talent. Are you one of them?

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