70% of content marketers claim that video content produces more conversions
than any other form of content.” (*1 Vidyard and Ascend2)

Video Production Workshop Overview

This course has been designed for content creators in marketing agencies who are increasingly being asked to deliver effective video content for their clients, but don’t have the know-how, experience or resources in-house. 

Your teams will gain an understanding about the process of video creation and what is possible, so you can brief your video production suppliers to get the videos YOU want.

  • From £155/person + VAT
  • Suitable for a team of four to 24 people
  • Learn practical skills from industry professionals
  • Great interactive team building session

What does this Production Workshop include?

Our team of in-house video producers will cover topics as follows:

Film production: Who and What? A fun and interactive activity where the group learn what and who are involved in each stage of production
Film grammar 101 Filming lingua franca: shot types, descriptions and abbreviations
Pre-production (planning) The best way to plan a shoot, the role of a producer, important do’s and don’t’s
Production (shooting) Familiarising with production kit, setting up and using basic equipment, team roles and how they fit together
Post-production (editing) You’ll learn how editing works from award-winning commercial shot for a competition promoting the King Kong ride at Universal Studios California.
Treatments Make your life easier by learning what a treatment is and being able to communicate your ideas as close as possible to the video producer.
Brief Save time and money by learning how to create a brief.
Treatment to
Path to a great end product. As part of the course the team will create a brief and treatment ready for filming.


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for hosting us yesterday. Everyone came away buzzing. I really liked the pace and tone, there was a lot to take in but somehow it felt like fun rather than training, which was exactly what I was hoping for. Brilliantly done, so thanks for that.
Kerstin @ INK-Global


Video Production Workshop Details

The course takes place at Camberwell Studios in South London in either of their two green-screen film studios. The studios are set up so that, on the

day, you can experience what it’s like to be behind the camera or in front of it.

  • 9am arrival
  • Start at 9:30am
  • Lunch @ 1pm
  • Finish at 5:30pm

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