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Studio Life Our occasional review of the work coming through our doors. We often get early sight of trends that will become important. 2016 was all about 360º and VR.
Greenscreen Greenscreen shoots are amongst our most regular. In our articles we cover a wide variety of greenscreen matter that should be helpful for beginners through to the experienced.
Equipment Reviews Choosing the right equipment to film with will take up any Production Managers time. There are always options and trade offs to take into account. Our occasional kit reviews will tell you more.
Film Production Tips How do you film noir? Which is best, filming in greenscreen and ‘fixing it in post,’ or filming in camera? Photography and continuous light – which is best?

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Removing Greenscreen Spill

Removing Greenscreen Spill

Greenscreen spill is a common problem, but an easy one to solve. In this video tutorial you’ll learn a quick and easy method to remove green from objects and body parts that shouldn’t have green on it. Key Takeaway: You will become familiar with the process and...

Cropping Greenscreen

Another greenscreen basic tutorial for beginners. Here you’ll learn how about cropping images and create masks in order to remove unwanted equipment from greenscreen shots. Key Takeaway: You’ll be able to crop images or create bespoke masks that are also applicable...

Cleaning the Key

This short video talks you through the various settings in Ultra Key that can help adjust your key and how they work. We cover the settings in Matte Generation, Matte Cleanup, Spill Suppression and Colour Correction. Key Takeaway: An insight into what greenscreen...
Studio Life, Exhibitions, Stock Footage and Set Building

Studio Life, Exhibitions, Stock Footage and Set Building

Although we are only a short way into 2019, it has been a busy year already. We’ve written up this short recap on what we have seen and learned so far. BSC v BVE – Which show is the right one for you? We recently attended two exhibitions – the British Society of...

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