Why is a Recce a Good Thing?

Spatial Awareness

There is nothing better than actually seeing the space. Although we do provide a floor plan and photographs to show off the studio, most people’s sense of spatial awareness needs them to be in the space to properly appreciate the size and therefore what can be done. Sometimes a five second recce is all it takes to save days of nagging doubt.

Making sure you can film what you need to film

The chances are we will have seen something similar in the past (over 2000 productions since 2009) and will know how feasible the planned shoot is in our space. It’s rare that we’re totally flummoxed; we often help clients work out how to achieve what they need. If we don’t know ourselves we’re likely to know someone who does know. We like to say yes.

Understanding what help is available on the day

We’ve worked hard to improve the studios from all points of view but especially for the crew who are the ones to make things happen on the day. We have plenty of power including 3-phase, a lighting rig, ladders, grip – everything you should expect. We can supply crew too. If we know what you want we can sometimes get the studios at least partially set up for you the night before.

Saving Money

Our modus operandi has always been to be flexible in approach and upfront about costs – with no hidden extras. To that end if we know what you want we can tell you what we can supply from in-house. We hold some lighting here at the studios certainly enough to get most shoots out of a fix. We can also hire lighting in usually at a very competitive rate. The same applies to cameras and most specialist film kit. Nor do we mind if you bring your own lights.

The nitty gritty background details that make a difference.

How many free parking spots can you have? What about deliveries and collection? Do we have a shower? Is there Wi-fi? The nearest hospital? What about catering? We like to say yes.

 … and finally!

Filmmaking in whatever form it comes in should be an enjoyable process. From our experience we can see it is easy to over-complicate things. Our ambition is to help you take the strain away on the day. We like recce’s because they help us to help you and if it works out well, you’ll come back again and again we hope.

Eventually we will have links to other parts of the website including the new 3D view we will have.

Want to come and check us out? Email studios@camberwellstudios.co.uk to make an appointment!

Studio 1


Studio 2

studio 2 ready to recce


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