Case Study: Camberwell Studios’ filming services for a leading medical communications and marketing company, creating a series of medical explainer videos….

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Camberwell Studios, a well-established film studio located in South London, recently provided comprehensive filming services to a leading medical communications and marketing company,  for the creation of a series of explainer videos on mRNA vaccines. Camberwell Studios were approached with the objective of producing high-quality footage ready for editing that covered various aspects of mRNA, including its history and scientific significance.

This case study highlights the range of services provided by Camberwell Studios and the successful collaboration to create the explainer video series.

Client Background:

The client  is a leading healthcare communication organisation dedicated to providing innovative solutions, marketing and educational resources in the medical field. To enhance their communication efforts, they sought to create a series of explainer videos on mRNA, a cutting-edge topic that required engaging and informative content delivered by different presenters.

The client came with their scripts, their storyboards for the graphics that would be applied over the greenscreen and a casting brief for the different presenters they wanted.

Camberwell Studios provided the rest:

  • Director and Production Expertise: Camberwell Studios assigned a director with extensive experience in creating educational and promotional videos. The director worked closely with the client to understand their vision, objectives, and requirements for the explainer videos. Their expertise ensured the videos were effectively structured, visually appealing, and aligned with the client brief.
  • Presenter Selection and Options: Understanding the importance of presenting complex scientific information in an engaging manner, Camberwell Studios used their TV broadcasting network and casting experience to offer a range of presenter options. These presenters were carefully selected to ensure they possessed the necessary knowledge and communication skills to effectively convey the concepts surrounding mRNA, and who best fit the clients desired tone and style for the videos.
  • Full Crew Provision: Camberwell Studios supplied a comprehensive crew from their freelancer pool, including a Director of Photography (DOP), lighting technicians, a sound recordist, autocue and a hair and makeup artist. This well-coordinated team worked seamlessly to ensure each aspect of the production process was handled professionally and efficiently. The DOP and lighting technicians created visually captivating setups that complemented the presenters, while the sound recordist ensured high-quality audio capture.
  • Green Screen Filming: To provide flexibility in post-production, Camberwell Studios filmed the presenters against a green screen. This allowed the clients post-production team to easily add the graphics, animations, and other visual elements to enhance the videos’ educational value. The green screen setup ensured a clean and consistent background, allowing for seamless integration of the presenters into the final product.
  • Remote monitoring and directon: Camberwell studios provided a remote monitoring service, which allowed the clients who are not based in the UK or available to come to the studio, to get a camera feed, via a zoom so they could monitor progress and sign off on editorial decisions.

At the end of the day of filming, the client had all the video and audio files backed up to take away for their in-house post-production team to start working on.

Results and Benefits:

  1. High-Quality Explainer Videos: Camberwell Studios’ professional approach, combined with their state-of-the-art equipment and skilled crew, resulted in the production of high-quality explainer videos for their client. The videos effectively conveyed the complex concepts surrounding mRNA, providing valuable educational content for the target audience.
  2. Engaging and Informative Presentations: By providing a range of presenter options, Camberwell Studios enabled the client to select the right individuals who could effectively engage the audience and deliver the desired educational content. The presenters’ knowledge and communication skills were enhanced by the supportive production environment, resulting in engaging and informative presentations throughout the video series.
  3. Seamless Post-Production Integration: The decision to film the presenters against a green screen allowed the client post-production team to seamlessly add their graphics, animations, and other visual elements, enhancing the educational value of the videos. This approach allowed for flexibility in creating engaging visuals while maintaining a consistent brand identity.


Camberwell Studios’ collaboration in producing a series of mRNA explainer videos showcased their expertise in video production and their commitment to delivering high-quality content. By providing a comprehensive range of services, including directorial support, presenter casting, kit and crew provision, and green screen filming, Camberwell Studios enabled their client to create engaging, informative, and visually appealing videos.

This successful partnership highlights Camberwell Studios’ ability to meet the unique needs of their clients and produce exceptional video content that effectively communicates complex topics to the target audience.

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