There is rarely a dull day at Camberwell Studios. Mainly, we provide a combination of dry hire studios, professional lighting and camera equipment, crew and technical support to our clients. Sometimes we get involved in the creative. Here’s how we helped Stormzy and Spotify get their PR video off the ground.

The first call was from a regular client asking ‘could we provide crew’ for a production in eight days. That was it. So we said yes, probably, and asked what was going on. A day later we were speaking to Akua from BEA London and learned they had an idea for a Stormzy led video in support of his birthday bash being organised in conjunction with Spotify.

As good fortune had it, Comedy Director Tai Campbell was in the office and able to join in the call and was soon deeply involved in the production, swapping ideas with Akua and then taking over all scripting responsibilities.


We received a brief for a spoof airplane safety video and a spoof advert for the faux airline #Merky Airways featuring Stormzy. The production had a short turnaround with a pre-decided shoot date, so it was important to hit the nail on the head from the start.


The style of comedy had to fit the expectations of Stormzy’s team and Spotify, fit with their style of comedy, able to be shot in the timeframe and most importantly – be funny! Fortunately there was great synergy at this early stage and we were able to nail the approach quickly, leaving us more time for the actual planning.


The shoot involved scripted segments and segments that could be improvised with main beats to hit. As the #Merky team are not actors, but still naturally funny people, I played some improv warm up games with them to loosen them up and then it was time to role cameras! We had a lot to shoot in a short amount of time, so planning was key as well as shooting efficiently while still getting enough coverage.


Since the turnaround was so quick, we had to create a system to allow quick editing, quick exports and quick reviews. This meant working longer hours and drip-feeding sketches so that each edit change could be related to its specific sketch.

Once the edit was finalised, we had the gruelling job of exporting the video in multiple formats for use in the UK and US across multiple social platforms. They were happy, we were happy, great end product.


In eight days, we put in place a Director, DOP, 2AC, Gaffer, Sound Recordist, Art Department, Production Assistants (HMU from artist), as well as organising two sets of business class seats, oxygen masks, lifejackets, sick bags, cameras, lights, grip. Within another four days the work was edited, amended, approved and ready in time for Stormzy’s birthday bash just six days later.

Filming at Camberwell Studios

If we can help your production, all you have to do is ask. We don’t mind supplying just the studios, or everything you need – from crew to cameras. Just check out our Services page. With over 2500 Studio productions under our belts we have a lot to offer. Whatever you think off, the chances are, we’ve seen it before and know the solution. We love what we do.

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