Cross platform content is par for the course these days for digital agencies, creatives and individuals trying to get their brands, content and ideas to stand out in a busy digital market place. Here at Camberwell Studios it is possible to get all you need in one place. We’ve been working with clients recently to help them achieve it. A regular request is for filming and photography at the same time.

Case Study: Odders and Les Mills – a 3D Video and Photography project over two days 

This was a truly international shoot.

Madrid based production company Odders were working with New Zealand based online fitness brand Les Mills, who provided the brief. They were filming Virtual Reality 3D workout videos on greenscreen plus photographs to promote the videos on social platforms.

They approached us two months before the planned date. From the outset they asked us to provide the crew and most of the kit, except a rare now-out-of-production 3D camera from Panasonic – the Panasonic AG-3DA1- Integrated Twin-Lens 3D Camera Recorder, that they sourced themselves.

After a series of Zoom calls to find out exactly what was needed, we booked them in for two days of filming in Studio 1 and a day in Studio 3 for the photographs.

For the filming in Studio 1 we provided the DOP, the  Gaffer, a 1st AD, Sound Recordist, HMU, Costume and Studio Runner. We supplied our in-House DOP lighting package.

We set up the photography in our top studio 3 and hired in the lighting plus the photographer and his assistant. We set up studio 3 with colorama

We also took care of catering. Some reassurance was required that we could provide healthy tasty options, that ‘it wouldn’t just be fish and chips?’. We didn’t disappoint. We can get great food delivered here to Camberwell. But there’s still nothing wrong with Fish and Chips!

Planning is everything.

It goes without saying that planning is the key to production. Especially when working across borders and time zones. Thanks to some extra Zoom calls, we had nailed down the shooting schedule combining video and photography well ahead of time. When the teams from Spain and New Zealand arrived in SE5, we were ready to shoot.


OddersLab left Camberwell Studios with all the content they needed to cut their VR work out video and the stills to promote them. Getting cross platform content done in one place at the same time is much more cost effective to the client. There is consistency with the on-screen look, the same talent, costume, hair and make-up team are there for continuity and the post-production process starts from the same point for stills and video.

Here is the happy customer quote

“First of all, thank you very much for these two days of shooting, you are a great team of professionals, everything went perfect, so thank you very much for the effort of all

Jesus Mendez Piedra – OddersLab

Written by Jack Guttmann, Studio Manager, November 2022

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