Brand New Film Studio Infinity Cove throughout.

The cove of our film studio 1 is 45 cm out from the wall. It’s a perfect size in that only a little floor space has been lost (for set builds) and its perfect for the job of reducing shadows. Clients should be able to walk in, shoot and get a perfect key. Smooth and even throughout for consistency and tough enough that even if accidentally walked on then it won’t damage it. Perfect for those tricky set builds and rigging sessions.


Extended screen height: 6.25m wide and 3.70m tall

We have extended the studio 1 back wall up a further 1m to 3.70m (12 feet high in old money) so low angle shots can be possible across 6.25m of width too. Ideal if you need a low angle shot of you subject.


Film Studio Extended side wall. 10.0m long, 2.75m high, infinity cove

We have extended the depth of the green floor and side walls go out to 10m now so a greater range of subject movement is possible. We have moved the electrical distribution along so clients can use the whole side wall if needed.

white-film-studio-lighting empty

It was a long and messy process but carefully handled by some skilled contractors (thanks Lorraine).
There was over a ton of paint that needed scraping down. Hundreds of layers of green, white and blue with a few smatterings of grey, cream and graffiti. Its was like looking at the rings of a cut tree, counting how old the tree is through the rings and years. Discovering the layers of paint over the past 5 years was a good reminder of some of the some of the shoots we have worked on.

See their efforts in the pictures below…

film-studio being refurbished

Preparation was everything. We had to remove nearly all traces of the old space and effectively build a brand new studio floor, laying it in sections with mesh underneath for rigidity

film-studio-building-infinity-curve being built

It took a huge amount of concrete to level the floor. Luckily we have drive in access, saving a load more labour intensive work for our skilful workers


Levelling and smoothing the floor increases its durability and evenly blends the walls, floor and cove together

This new refurbishment of our film studio will give our clients many more options moving forward. They can achieve wider shots, more range in track and dolly shots, a more even key all round, even with walking shots they can use more of the space as shadows are reduced. See the new layout below

film-studio-new-refurbishment template

We didn’t want to compromise on anything, including losing too much space by the size of the cove and the way it has been carefully created means we can still offer a very similar footprint for productions.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016 and beyond – Sam Parkinson – Studio Manager


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