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The fashion industry makes up a massive portion of all e-commerce, with roughly 50% of consumers preferring to shop online than instore. However, selling fashion online is a whole different ball game to selling it instore, as many of the factors that entice people to make a purchase – i.e trying it on and feeling the material – aren’t available on the internet. Luckily, video content exists so fashion brands can utilise it to their advantage by giving the consumer the next best thing. In fact, 58% of shoppers viewed companies using video content as being more trustworthy when it comes to buying from them (SearchEngineWatch study) – and that’s important when you’re trying to sell. This article looks at video content in the online fashion world and how it makes an impact.

Video in the Fashion Industry

Video is already widely used in numerous marketing strategies from high end fashion houses such as Burberry, to high-street brands such as New Look. Each brand seems to have a completely different use for video content, showing the endless possibilities of video in the fashion industry and online shopping world.

One trend which stands out is the emergence of “online digital magazines” with regular content – and that usually means video content. Take the likes of Wonderland Magazine, H&M and Net-A-Porter. Their online magazine brings in the returning visitors and holds their attention using visual content which ultimately helps to sell their clothing.

Most recently, online fashion outlet Boohoo.com used their latest fashion trends in their marketing videos where viewers can purchase products straight from the video itself. The concept here is simple: the users click a product within the video clip and they are directed to the product landing page. Why does this work? Well, according to Internet Retailer, 52% of customers claim that watching a video of the product makes them more confident in deciding whether to buy online or not – so “shoppable” fashion videos are a game changer – they can buy is when they see it.


How to Use Video for Fashion Ecommerce

There are many other examples of using fashion videos for marketing, but it’s clear that they are best used on two marketing channels: your website and across your social media.

On the website:

Product videos are commonplace on fashion websites to endorse products, show them off and help reduce returns. In fact, 57% of online shoppers are less surprised when receiving products after having seen a video and are therefore less likely to return it – reducing possibly one of the biggest costs to any online fashion retailer.

ASOS use video primarily to showcase their garments on their website, with catwalks and 360 degree look at each product. This type of video content works wonders in the fashion industry for enticing more viewers to buy as products are shown realistically. This is why they have some of the lowest returns in the online fashion industry!

Social Media:

Using video across your social media pages is a great way to showcase your apparel in a way that engages people, but allows you to interact with customers as well — a crucial skill in an industry where returning customers impacts business longevity so greatly.

It’s also a key factor in purchasing decisions, particularly when it comes to fashion. In fact, over 71 percent of consumers say that they are more likely to purchase a product based on social media referrals. It’s a powerful selling tool.

ASOS capitalise on this by repurposing their Youtube video content on their other social media channels. Another great example of a fashion brand using video production in their marketing is Net-A-Porter. From “how-to-wear-it” videos, to promo campaigns, they have a whole host of video content at their dispense.


How our London Studios are perfect for Fashion Shoots

Our friends at wonderlandmagazine.com have been using our pre-lit studio 2 for fashion photography and, most recently asked our resident production team to film and edit a short campaign video to add to their website. You can see the fashion video here:

A lot of the fashion shoots we see at the studios are booked in quite close to the actual filming date. It often seems that ideas for the shoot are developed even closer to the filming day. The natural outcome of these shoots can be a number of requests for bits and pieces ranging from lights, grip, and building materials to fans, props and even a leaf blower. The most important element any fashion shoot requires is ingenuity – to make do with what is available. To some extent we have anticipated these requests and can usually help most shoots out. We also have a brand new shiny range of lighting equipment which can cater to a range of fashion-themed shoots.

See more info below.

New Lights:

2 x Arri 2K T2

2 x Filmgear Tubebox 4ft 4bank

4 x Arri 650w

2 x 2.5K inline Dimmers

2 x Softboxes


Other Kit available for Rental:

Colorama 2.72m / 8’11”

Wind up stand (will hold a 2K up to 3M) £20

Smoke Machine £20

Magic arm £10

Autocue Mini Laptop with charger £50

Autocue + Operator £200

40” TV Monitor £25

SALAV Clothes Steamer 1500W 1.8L Adjustable Folding Hanger 4 Steam Settings

Having been involved in many photography shoots and video productions, we’ve collected some do’s and don’ts for filming:


  • Keep it minimal – to focus the attention on the clothing. Solid white backgrounds are always popular and our colourama makes it easy to switch colours too… we have a few!
  • Use large, professional photography equipment
  • Have a timeline for the shoot – With lots of different fashion trends, you will no doubt be shooting a number of different looks. This is more time consuming to do thank you think!


  • Use amateur crew to film your stuff – you get what you pay for here, and in the fashion industry, it’s important to show the quality of your clothing, not just the garment itself! That means great lighting, quality photography and great direction. Never hire a photographer without seeing some of their fashion-specific work before-hand!
  • Make sure your studio is fully equipped to meet your needs. Fashion shoots can be very last minute, so a flexible and well equipped studio is vital if you want a smooth filming day!

We have a wide range of lighting equipment

Check out our lighting page, here.

more lighting-equipmentlighting-equipment for green

Contact us for more information.

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