Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Camberwell Studios work with you so you can acheive the most creative and organised results in a flexible and relaxed environment. We have catered to many unusual and diverse requests and we pride ourselves on our resourcefulness to find solutions that support the productions demands.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call us on 020 7725 5858 or email us on studio@camberwellstudios.co.uk

Do you have parking?
Yes, we do! There are spaces for around 6-8 cars. Also arrangements for special requirements, disabled access, early reservation, drive in access (in studio 1 only) are fine too. We try and make parking as easy as possible.
Is there make-up space?
Yes. Each Studio comes with its own make-up table, a mirror with lights, ironing boards and steam irons, clothes rail, coat hangers There are lots of comfy seats for clients, cast and crew. The facility is accessible to WIFI in all rooms. More info on our Greenscreen studios page.
Our clients are coming along - is there space for them to work?

Yes, each greenroom has comfy sofas and the canteen area is a good place for clients to meet and discuss the project. We also have our Production Gallery available for hire. It is away from the action but close enough to see. See the photo here – scroll down. You can see why our clients love us, here.

Do you have WIFI?

Yes. We have excellent wifi that reaches every corner of the studio. We can also create private wifi networks for each studio. On top of all this we a fixed ethernet line for all your live-streaming burdens.

Can I get equipment delivered to the studios before the shoot?

We are able to store kit for you overnight in our locked rooms or safety lockers (smaller items). These are locked at your own risk but will be very secure through several locked doors, barred windows, a locked business park gate with CCTV security.

You may finish your shoot and wish kit to be collected in the morning too. This is fine and we can arrange storage. Larger items may need some notice so it doesn’t affect the following days’ booking (set dressing, tables chairs etc!)

Just contact us to arrange in advance.

If I need overtime how much notice do I need?

The more notice the better of course. We allow some time for wrapping and packing away (around 30 minutes til 6.30pm-ish)

If you book overtime before the day the rate will be based on 1/10th you your day rate. If you book overtime on the day the rate increases by 50%. Sorry. Visit our rate card page for more information. Planning wins.

I only need to shoot for a few hours, what is your hourly rate?

We don’t offer bookings by the hour. We prefer to sell full day bookings and usually do. We will take shorter bookings in the ‘last-minute’ when there is less than seven days before the required date. Visit our rate card page for more information and please call us on 020 7725 5858. 

We'd like to use our own caterer or make our own breakfasts. Would this be ok?

Since the covid we prefer pre-packed individual meals are delivered. Most of our customers prefer that too. In anycase, ours is more a kitchenette than a place for creating culinary delights. Our kitchen and canteen area seats around 10 people. It has cutlery, kettles, microwave, teas, coffees, milk, and other bits and pieces. (Fridge contents may vary depending on how hungry the staff get!)

We have lots of people coming, do you have recommended caterers?

Yes. We use Brunchies they are our closest cafe and offer a great range of Deli foods, breakfasts, meals and snacks. All of which can be made and prepared, ready for pick-up or delivery (over certain amounts).

Here is a link to local eateries, More Just Eat than Deliveroo !!

Any special requirements and tastes then let us know and we can offer some advice on local deliveries and eateries. More information on our Catering page.

Will there be someone on hand to help out with setting up?

This is a yes and no answer. Yes we are always here to help, especially the less experienced. No we are not available to be at your beck and call all day long. However, that isn’t to say we cant provide an all day service. We know many talented freelancers who can help with camerawork, lighting and so on.

Your Studio Manager will be able to welcome your clients, crew and cast and direct them to the right areas of the facility.

Printing, we need to make changes to our scripts can we use your printer?
You may wish to use our printer, we can help out printing a few sheets and pictures etc but if you require much more then please give notice and we can make arrangements. Some requests may cost.
Smoking, where can we smoke?
There are signposted smoking areas. In the garden through the kitchen and out the front of Studio 1. Please remember to throw your cigarette butts in the bins provided!
We need to raise our subject off the floor on a platform, we need to be able to turn them round on the spot, we need to make our actor fly. Are there raised platforms, ladders, tables and props for us to use?
We have encountered lots of weird and wonderful requests. Subjects flying, jumping, running, elevated, high angled shots and all manner of positions. We have lots of flats and equipment including a scaffold tower (pre-arrange erection) to cater for most requests as safely as we can.
Have a look at our Specialist Kit page for more detail.
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