Studio 1 – Large Green Screen Film Studio Rate Card

Studio 1 has enough space for sets, props and crew. Perfect for greenscreen film, video, set-builds, music video productions, corporate videos, seminars and the studio production of small movies for TV.

Studio Usage TimesCurrent Price
+ Studio 1 – 10hrs day [8am-6pm]£910
+ Studio 1 – 12hrs day [8am-8pm]£1100
+ Studio 1 – Half day – Weekdays£500
+ Studio 1 – Half day – Weekends£500
+ Studio 1 – Extra Hours booked in advance£95
+ Studio 1 – Overtime required on the day – ph£150
+ Studio 1 – Evenings – 3 hours minimumP.O.A
+ Repainting to whiteFrom £400


  • 1,300 sq ft
  • 300A Power (64, 32, 16, 13A Outlets)
  • Dry Hire (but Production Office is available)
  • Drive-in access for cars
  • Lighting Grid at 5 metres
  • Wardrobe & Make Up Room
  • Infinity Wall
  • Defacto Green (can be repainted to white)
  • Free Wi-fi and on-site parking
  • Shared Use of Canteen
  • Catering Available 

Studio 2 – Green Screen Studio Rate Card

Soundproof Green Screen Studio for Film, Video and TV Productions: Prelit, Air-Conditioned and Ready To Go.

Studio Usage TimesCurrent Price
+ Studio 2 – 10hrs day [8am-6pm]£630
+ Studio 2 – 12hrs day [8am-8pm]£755
+ Studio 2 – Half day – Weekdays£420
+ Studio 2 – Half day – Weekends£420
+ Studio 2 – Extra Hours booked in advance£65
+ Studio 2 – Overtime required on the day (per hour)£90
+ Studio 2 – Evenings – 3 hours minimumP.O.A
+ Repainting to whiteFrom £260


  • 400 sq ft
  • 100A Power (32, 16, 13A Outlets)
  • Wardrobe & Make Up Room
  • Pre-lit configuration as standard
  • Full Infinity Cyclorama
  • Free Wifi
  • Free On-site parking
  • Defacto Green (can be draped black or repainted to white)
  • Shared Use of Canteen
  • Catering Available 

Prelit facilities

  • 2 x 500 w spots – backlights
  • 2 x tungsten cool lights – floor mounted
  • 2 x tungsten cool lights – ceiling mounted
  • Flexible Set-Up

Studio 3 – Photography Space at the Top 

Studio 3 is our newly formed studio space. The space features a unique skylight, an industrial aesthetic and the right vibe for creative projects of all type, notably photography and videography.

Studio Usage TimesCurrent Price
+ Studio 3 – 10hr day [8am-6pm]£420
+ Studio 3 – 12hr day (8am-8pm)£520
+ Studio 3 – Halfdays – 5 hours£250


  • 500 sq ft
  • Plenty of electricity
  • Dry Hire
  • Free Wi-fi and on-site parking
  • Shared Use of Canteen
  • Catering Available 

Live Streaming and Remote Production Packages 

Cameras and Lighting Hire

Cameras: We are able to supply top-end digital cameras such as the Red Epic and Arri Alexa, an extensive range of Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras, and even the humble DSLR Camera. Some of the kit we have in-house and some will be hired in from our trusted kit partners. View our camera equipment here.

Lighting: The same applies to lighting. We have a small selection of in-house lighting equipment which satisfies most regular requirements. View our lighting kit here.

However, as above, specialist lighting equipment can easily be arranged through our trusted suppliers. All Prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate at time of invoicing.

Other Services

Camberwell Studios provides a wide range of supporting services to help you get the most from your filming day. If you don’t see what you need please ask – we are resourceful and rarely let clients down.

Please note these many of these services are only available for bookings taking place in our studios. We are only able to supply kit for external productions when we are also providing the crew and some production support.

Extra Services Includes:

Simple Set Building – for many productions a lot can be achieved with the resources we have in-house. But we do need notice.

Prop Sourcing – we’ve met a lot of surprising and specialist suppliers who have provided all sort of unexpected requests. Try us.

Equipment Sourcing – Lazy Susan rotating platforms, greenscreen treadmills are two of our most regular requests.

Catering – from our local Cafe, ‘Brunchies,’ the fish and chip shop around the corner to specialist film catering companies, we can help sort most catering requirements.

Live Streaming and Remote Production Packages 


We have been supplying crew members for over 10 years now. Below are some of the most common roles we fulfil, or you can visit our film crew page for more information.

Prices on Application
+ Director Production Assistant/Manager
+ Director of Photography (DOP)
+ Cameraman
+ 1st AC, 2nd AC Sound Engineer
+ Gaffer Grip
+ Make Up Artist Hair Stylists
+ Costumes and Wardrobe

For comparison, see here for industry rate cards – https://www.theroughassembly.com/ratecards

Production Packages

Our production packages have been designed to help anyone from the talented creative looking for a film crew to deliver their ideas, through to the the less experienced who has a more simple requirement and the help to get it filmed.

The following production package covers all the basics for one of our most requested requirements – filming pieces to camera (PTCs). It’s a good starting point for most other productions.

  • Studio 1 or Studio 2 pre-lit for greenscreen
  • HD Camera and Operator with sound capture
  • Half day (5 hours) or full day (10 hours)
  • Transfer of raw footage to clients portable HD

Option 1 – Canon C300 with Canon L Series Prime Lens Set from £2,150 + VAT

+ Greenscreen Studio 1 for a 10 hour day
+ 4K Camera (C300 MKII),
+ Prime Lenses,
+ Sound Capture
+ Monitor
+ DOP + Cameraman
+ Production Assistant

Option 2 – Arri Alexa Mini and Cooke S4i 5-Way Lens Set from £4,150 + VAT 

+ Greenscreen Studio 1 for a 10 hour day
+ Arri Alex Mini & Cooke & S4/i
+ Sound Capture
+ Monitor
+ DOP + Cameraman
+ Production Assistant

Option 3 – RED Helium Ultra & Prime Package from £3,800 + VAT

+ Greenscreen Studio 1 for a 10 hour day
+ RED Helium & Ultra Prime Prime Lenses
+ Sound Capture
+ Monitor
+ DOP + Cameraman
+ Production Assistant

Studio 1 Production Packages

These packages are exclusive to clients hiring out of large Studio 1.

DOPs Delight Lighting Kit. £180 per day. This package includes:EachPair
+ 2 X Arri K T2 Fresnel£35£70
+ 2 X Filmgear Tubebox 4ft 4bank£45£80
+ 4 X Arri 650w£20£50 for all 4
+ 2 X 2.5K inline dimmers£10£10
+ 2 X Softboxes£25£35
+ Cables, stands and grips
The Gaffer and Grip. £180 per day. This package includes:EachPair
+ 2 X Double Wind-Up stands (will hold Arri 2K 3mts high)£15£25
+ Mega Book arm with stand£30One Only
+ 1 X High Roller Stands£10One Only
+ 8 X 40″ C-Stands£4£25 for all
+ 2 X 20″ C-Stands£4£4
+ 2 X Manfrotto compact stands£2£4
+ 4 X Combo Light Stands£5£15
+ 8 X 8 Frames with 1/4, 1/2 and Full Chinese Silk£50One Only
+ 17″ Director Monitor with Rolling Stand£75One Only
+ Flag Set – various sizes, black/diffusion£5£20
Studio 1 Open House Package Deal. £1,135 per day. This includes:
+ Studio 1 (10 hour day: 8am – 6pm)
+ DOP’s Delight Lighting Package
+ The Gaffer Kit & Grip Package
+ PLUS: everything else we have in the studios that could be helpful on your shoot poly’s, distribution, croc clips, greenscreen cloth and more.

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