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Hire Film Crew Professionals from Camberwell Studios

Most of our crew are employed as freelancers and are available for short and long-term projects. The most common requirements are for one and two day shoots.

Typically crew will be hired specifically for filming at the studios, but we can and often do supply crew for off-site projects.

Both studios are supplied in a pre-agreed condition that includes technical assistance to get your film crew familiar with the facilities and what can be achieved from what is available to hand.

We are used to dealing with clients of all types, experience and expectations. Our plan is to fit seamlessly and discretely into your production in support of you and your client.

Our Production Crew For Hire:

  • Director of Photography / Camera Operators / Owner Operators
  • Focus Pullers, 2nd ACs, DITS & Trainees
  • Sound Recordists, Boom Ops
  • Electricians / Gaffers / Sparks
  • Grips, Crane Ops
  • Autocue Operators. Read why Autocue Operators are so important, here.

Live Streaming and Remote Production Packages 

Services at Camberwell Studios

Camberwell Studios are proud to use our 10 years of expertise to offer you various production services.

Greenscreen Filming
Filming in London
Cameras & Lighting
Production Packages


Production packages for Live Stream, Remote Productions, Corporate, Studio

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