Quality lighting equipment available to hire directly from our London studios



Professional Lighting Hire

Lighting equipment is essential for everything from setting the mood for a scene to lighting your subject for pieces to camera. We always recommend clients come and visit us for a recce so that you get the most out of our studio space.

We carry a small but growing range of lighting kit for hire from the brand new to the historical (and surprisingly handy). If we don’t have what you need, we can also hire in lights from trusted suppliers.

In-House Lighting Hire Packages

The DOPs Delight Lighting Hire Package Just £160
+ 2 x Arri 2K T2 + £35 each / £60 pair
+ 2 x Filmgear Tubebox 4ft 4bank + £45 each / £70 pair
+ 4 x Arri 650w + £15 each / £50 all four
+ 2 x 2.5K inline Dimmers + £10 each
+ 2 x Softboxes + £25 each
+ includes stands, grip and cables

Lighting Extras Available 

We now keep numerous flags and other kit in-house to use with lighting equipment in our greenscreen studios. Get in touch before you shoot, or on the day of your shoot and we can have them ready and waiting for you.

Live Streaming Packages from £2,099 + VAT

Production packages for social media including Facebook & YouTube

Lighting Equipment Enquiry Form

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