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LIVE STREAMING and Remote production pACKAGES

Camberwell Studios provide broadcast-quality live streaming packages that can be tailored to suit a wide variety of business objectives: from team events to shareholder meetings & product launches, to gameshows, forum panels, webinars and more.

A live streamed event will help you engage and interact with your audience even when they can’t walk into your shop or office or venue.

Our starter package provides a two-man crew operating two cameras, audio and mixing the vision for streaming to Facebook or YouTube. A more typical package will include pre-production, 2-3 and more, cameras, separate audio for different contributors, vision mixing with graphics and titles.

All of our packages can be customised. Popular extras include Autocue/Teleprompter, Hair and Make Up, Set Design and asset creation. Our focus is behind the scenes. If we do our job well, no one will notice. We focus on the tech so you can do the business.

If you have never organised a live-streaming package before, please call us on 020 7737 0007 and we can advise you on the way forward.

Package One : £1995 + VAT

We provide a soundproof studio, camera, sound capture and live-vision mixing including basic graphics and Powerpoint integration all guided by our in-house team.

Suitable for on-screen teams of one or two people at any time. Easy to set up. Studio based or we can bring to you.

Our starting package includes everything you require for live-streaming to social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Extras include Autocue, Hair & Make Up, Set Design, Graphic Design, Set-Design


Package Two : £4,495 + VAT

This package provides two camera’s and sound capture for up to four on-screen participants and can be streamed using most platforms.

We provide everything: studio, camera’s, audio and live-vision mixing including graphics, powerpoint and 3rd party app integration to the streaming platform of your choice

This solution can be taken on the road. Up to 4 cameras can be added.

Extras include all Autocue, Hair & Make Up, Set Design, Graphic Design, Set-Design


Package Three: £POA

We provide top-end live-streaming productions in partnership with our kit suppliers: Shoot Blue.

Productions can vary in scope from multi-camera’s to coordinating global locations requiring real-time connections. Literally too much to try and describe in a few words here!

Call us to find out more – 020 7737 0007


livestreaming in camberwell studios

Technical Specifications

+ Studio with Lighting, Greenroom and Hospitality + Pre-record playback (VT, promos)
+ Producer / Director / Vision Mixer + Multicast – Streaming to multiple platforms.
+ 10-input HD or Ultra-HD video mixer + Digital talkback
+ Choice of cameras – ENG / Digital Cinema (Cinema subject to additional cost) + Program record to SSD / ISO record
+ Yamaha QL1 digital sound mixer / Choice of Mic’s – Lav’s / Handheld + Live encoding/streaming hardware (LiveU 4G Bonded)
+ Live graphics play-out + Satellite and redundancy also available if required.
Please Note:
Naturally, our Live Stream Package is only available when filming in one of our green screen studios and does not include any set building required, graphics/ assets or editing prep.

Call us on 020 7737 0007 for more information and to check availability.

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