Specialist Film Equipment


Camera Accessories, Grip Dollies, Cranes, DIT, Audio and more…

Here is a list of just some of the specialist film equipment we have sourced for clients over the years. Some are more regularly asked for, others are once in a blue moon. We don’t carry all this equipment at the studios, but bring it in as required. We do need notice to be certain we can supply.
If you cant find what you need please ask. We fancy ourselves to find most things and we always like a challenge. A space rocket capsule, no problem! And you’d be surprised how often we get asked for bluetack and fishing wire.
Recording, Monitoring, Mixing & Mics
Dollies, Sliders, Jibs and Cranes
Consumables, Grip, DIT, Monitors
Smoke Machine – is always available.
Large Wind Machine – we have two plus a Leaf Blower, which is one of our most requested pieces of kit as it happens.
The most common turntable we hire in has a 1m turntable capable of carrying up to 200kgs – enough for most situations. It can move in both directions.
Greenscreen treadmill
Like the treadmills in your gym. After every shoot the machine is dismantled and cleaned of all the paint flakes, greased up and repainted green.
Projectors – how many lumens sir?
Steel Decking from our friends IVB nearby – who can also supply a myriad of props and furniture. Perfect for social, lifestyle and music video shoots.

White Table for Hire

Desk and Chair Options – ask for more info

Please Note: If we don’t have what you need, we have partnered with some production equipment suppliers so that we can get it for you with ease. Find out more about our trusted suppliers, here.

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For more information and to check availability, use the contact form below or call us on 020 7725 5858.

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