Greenscreen Studio Filming & Production Services Overview

Greenscreen Studios Overview

Filming against greenscreen (chroma key) allows the video maker to combine different images to create one. It is used right across the spectrum of filmmaking from simple talking-head ‘pieces to camera’ and explainer videos to special effects masterpieces.

Greenscreen Studio in Camberwell

Camberwell Studios has over ten years experience in both operating and using greenscreen studios. Both studios are set up as green as standard (although we can repaint to white and drape to blackout with some arrangement).

We have lights in place and regularly supply kit and crew, from Directors of Photography, Operators and Lighting Specialists to Production Assistants and Runners. You can find out more about our services, here.

Greenscreen Production Skills

In recent years, filming in greenscreen studios has become relatively easier as a consequence of improved performance in all parts of the production process: from cameras to lighting, to the software used to ‘key’ out the green in post-production and the availability of skilled creatives who can make all this capability mean something.

The following articles provide a detailed overview of the process of filming against greenscreen: from considering using chroma key, through to the workflow and post-production process implications of that decision. They are intended to help Production Managers, Directors and DOPs alike.

+ “Why & When to Film Against Greenscreen”

Here, we look at the pros and cons of that decision and how it will benefit the overall production.

+ “Planning to Film Against Greenscreen”

This covers everything from the replacement backgrounds, to camera, to lighting and what clothes to avoid.

+ “Lighting Greencreen”

A key article for camera operators! Our own expert Tom Watts shares his advice which will save you time and money in post-production.

How to Key Greenscreen

This looks at the edit process, and how to get the look you want – complete with a handy video tutorial.

Cleaning the Key

Watch a video on different greenscreen settings, including: Matte Generation, Matte Cleanup, Spill Supression and Colour Correction

Cropping Greenscreen

A short video tutorial for beginners which shows you how to crop out unwanted objects from your shot and creating and using masks.

+ Removing Greenscreen Spill

A quick video tutorial showing you how to remove greenscreen from people and objects.

Camberwell Studios can provide experienced crew for your greenscreen productions. Our roster of crew includes Directors, DOPs, Lighting Technicians and Gaffers, all who have filmed against green at our studios.

Camera, Lenses, Lights and greenscreen treadmills are available on request supplied by our network of reliable and trusted partners.

For more information about our crewing and equipment hire options check out our Services pages where we provide a lot more detailed information.

You can call us on 020 7737 0007 or send in your question by email to

Greenscreen Articles

We’ve used our greenscreen expertise to write a series of informative articles to help with your productions. Here’s are a few to get you started, or visit our Production Guides for more.

Removing Greenscreen Spill

Removing Greenscreen Spill

Greenscreen spill is a common problem, but an easy one to solve. In this video tutorial you’ll learn a quick and easy method to remove green from objects and body parts that shouldn’t have green on it. Key Takeaway: You will become familiar with the process and...

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Cropping Greenscreen

Another greenscreen basic tutorial for beginners. Here you’ll learn how about cropping images and create masks in order to remove unwanted equipment from greenscreen shots. Key Takeaway: You’ll be able to crop images or create bespoke masks that are also applicable...

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Cleaning the Key

This short video talks you through the various settings in Ultra Key that can help adjust your key and how they work. We cover the settings in Matte Generation, Matte Cleanup, Spill Suppression and Colour Correction. Key Takeaway: An insight into what greenscreen...

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