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Drive-in Studio Hire Facilities

Studio 1 is our 1,300 sq ft (121sqm) film and video production studio with a 7×5 metre wide stage area. Full green infinity curve on three sides as standard. The studio can also be draped blacked or painted white by request.

It is a very flexible space with enough room for sets, props and crew. Perfect for greenscreen film, video, set-builds, music video productions, corporate videos, idents, seminars and the studio production of small movies for TV.


Studio Space: 1,300 square foot


Sound fully soundproofed. (Read more, here.)


Stage Area: 7×5 metre wide stage area


Cyclorama: “U” shaped infinity cove


Lighting: ceiling lights, with some lighting packages available. See below.


Power:300a power with lots of power outlets and options. (2x 63s, 5x 32a, 6x 16a, 13a)


Drive-in access: for shoots using cars, plus easy kit deliveries.


Painted chroma green as standard, but can be repainted (by arrangement) to white or draped in black.


Plenty of space for kit, props and crew.

Make an enquiry, call us today on 020 7737 0007


Studio 1 has proven to be incredibly flexible over the years, hosting a wide variety of the usual and, the very unusual shoots. From small displays of pyro-technics, gardens being installed for the day, roasting pigs, sweeping drapes, animals, stunts, smoke and paint, 360º greenscreen, wire work, you name it and we will consider it. If we can say yes, we will.

In practical terms, Studio 1 can be set up as you like it. There is enough room at the back of Studio 1 and in the associated greenroom, changing room and MU spaces to organise your production and get everyone settled for the day.

Chroma key green is the de-facto colour of Studio 1. We have a ‘standard green’ configuration and a full green set up. We can repaint the space to white, in part or in whole (at an extra cost) and if you want black drapes, these are included in the cost and take just a few minutes to pull into place.

We pride ourselves on a friendly relaxed approach to helping every production get the most from the day. This is a great value film and studio space for hire in central London

Also well suited for


Larger Film/ TV Production and Live Sound Recording


Corporate pieces to camera


Interviews, music videos


Art projects


Greenscreen pieces




Photo shoots requiring a good range of colorama’s

Production Kit and Crew Hire

Both our studios are available as dry hire. You can bring in your own crew, equipment and catering – we will do our best to accommodate most requests.

We can also provide a wide range of production services – click any of the links to find out more.

Studio 1 – Rates / Facilities

Flexible Multi-Purpose Film and Video Filming Studios – London.

Studio Usage Times Current Price
+ Studio 1 – 10hrs day [8am-6pm] £775
+ Studio 1 – 12hrs day [8am-8pm] £930
+ Studio 1 – Half day – Weekdays £440
+ Studio 1 – Half day – Weekends £440
+ Studio 1 – Extra Hours booked in advance £80
+ Studio 1 – Overtime required on the day – ph £120
+ Studio 1 – Evenings – 3 hours minimum £300
+ Repainting to white From £400

All Prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate at time of invoicing.

Studio 1 Price Includes:
+ Production Office available
+ Wardrobe & Make Up Room
+ Drive in for cars
+ Lighting Grid at 5 metres
+ Plenty of on-site parking (no charge)
+ Shared Use of Canteen
+ Free Wi-fi
+ Catering Available (see Catering Page)
DOPs Delight Lighting Kit. £180 per day. This package includes: Each Pair
+ 2 X Arri K T2 Fresnel £35 £70
+ 2 X Filmgear Tubebox 4ft 4bank £45 £80
+ 4 X Arri 650w £20 £50 for all 4
+ 2 X 2.5K inline dimmers £10 £10
+ 2 X Softboxes £25 £35
+ Cables, stands and grips

This kit would cost £240 if hired individually plus you save on transport and storage.

The Gaffer and Grip. £180 per day. This package includes: Each Pair
+ 2 X Double Wind-Up stands (will hold Arri 2K 3mts high) £15 £25
+ Mega Book arm with stand £30 One Only
+ 1 X High Roller Stands £10 One Only
+ 8 X 40″ C-Stands £4 £25 for all
+ 2 X 20″ C-Stands £4 £4
+ 2 X Manfrotto compact stands £2 £4
+ 4 X Combo Light Stands £5 £15
+ 8 X 8 Frames with 1/4, 1/2 and Full Chinese Silk £50 One Only
+ 17″ Director Monitor with Rolling Stand £75 One Only
+ Flag Set – various sizes, black/diffusion £5 £20

This kit would cost £248 if hired individually, plus you save on transport and storage.
NOTE: not all these stands are available if they are being used for the DOP’s Delight Package.

Studio 1 Open House Package Deal. £1,135 per day. This includes:
+ Studio 1 (10 hour day: 8am – 6pm)
+ DOP’s Delight Lighting Package
+ The Gaffer Kit & Grip Package
+ PLUS: everything else we have in the studios that could be helpful on your shoot poly’s, distribution, croc clips, greenscreen cloth and more.

This kit would cost £1300 if hired individually, £1,095 if bought as individual packages.

Other Kit Available – on Request Each
+ Pro-Autocue + Operator* £500 Per Day
+ Green Treadmill* £350 Per Day
+ 1 Metre Rotating Platform* £350 For First Day
+ Fog Machine and Liquid £20 Per Day
+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker (UE Boom 3) £10 ID Required
+ Tefal Clothes Steamer £10 ID Required
+ Colourama (various colours) £10 Per metre on floor
* Advance notice required.

Studio 1 Floor Plan


Studio 1 Floor Plan

Live Streaming Packages from £2,099 + VAT

Production packages for social media including Facebook & YouTube

Studio 1 Enquiry Form

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Some Of Our Clients

Agile filmsBBCChannel4Into Film Awards

IPC MediaITVJay Film & VideoLondon Film Academy

NuminousRemark MediaSonyThe Specialistworks

The Forest Of BlackTiger AspectsViacom Media Networks

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