With nearly 2,000 productions under our belts here at the studios in London, we feel we know a thing or two about running a successful one. From what we have seen these following production tips should serve you well.

An army marches on its stomach

There is nothing more certain to cast a downer over your filming day than not having food available. So make sure you have plenty available. Not just breakfast and lunch, but snacks, fruit, sugar hits (i.e., mini-bites) fruit juices, coke. Our advice is don’t stint and don’t expect to be thanked.

A stitch in time

Make sure you know the space where you are filming. We welcome site visits as they are important to any production. They allow us to explain what our studios can do for your production so that come the day of filming we can get everything organised and in place for when you arrive.

Planning your kit

It is constantly surprising to us how late in the day some productions order kit and equipment. Naturally some of this is down to your clients and their changing minds and sometimes shoots change their creative direction late in the day. The biggest risk here is missing out on the essential equipment you need. Not good.

We keep a small collection of professional equipment in-house and you can find more information about them on our Production Services page.

Experience counts for a good reason

This is about crew – the experts who will bring your plans to fruition. There’s a lot of work that goes into making a film beforehand and afterwards. The filming day itself will seem a small part of the overall – yet it is the most crucial element. Get one element of the filming wrong and the whole day may be wasted. Make sure you crew who know what they are doing and a track record of doing so.

Running behind schedule

The best piece of advice I ever received was to “build an hour of cock-up time into the filming day.” There is usually something that will throw a delay into your filming day. Knowing this beforehand will calm you down on the day. If you go the day without any mistakes – then you will probably be finishing early.

About Camberwell Studios

We are mainly greenscreen studios to hire. We also offer production services that could be as simple as ordering in a camera for you, to finding an experienced DOP or Gaffer, MUA, Stylist. Runner etc etc. If you think we may be able to help you please contact us on 020 7725 5858

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