Studio 3 has been upgraded to a white photography studio. Or white video studio.

We painted Studio 3 white for one primary reason, to make it better for Photography, Product Shots, and Videos that thrive in the white aesthetic. As you can see, it looks great.

Beyond the noticeable improvements to the look and feel of the space, having a white photography studio provides many benefits when shooting stills or film.

White is the brightest colour that allows the most light to bounce around. Extra light adds more ‘fill’ light in the areas you are shooting so that shadows reduce in intensity. This creates a lighter and airier feel to the photographs or video footage than darker walls would produce. A white studio is usually a more manageable space from the photographer’s perspective.

Other benefits include creating the appearance of infinite space, making it ideal for a non-distracting background during shooting. Using a white background in product photography isolates the object, making it easier to extract for compositing. However, If you prefer to black out – we can also facilitate that

Before we repainted, we ensured that Studio 3 was isolated from sound to and from Studio 1 next door. The effect of this, and the many layers of white paint, has led to a noticeably improved acoustic quality. Please note: this is not a soundproof space. Nonetheless, there have been many sound shoots in here.

In addition to filming and photography, Studio 3 is often used as space for hair and make-up, costume, art department, client space, or talent green room. In recent months we have taken in a number of productions filming and taking photographs at the same time. Having this space available was a bonus.


We have long standing relationship with kit suppliers and can get photography lights brought in quickly. If you are looking for a filming crew, we can also help.

Click here for the studio 3 page or Get in touch now to find out more and book Studio 3 – 0207 737 0007 or email studios@camberwellstudios.co.uk

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