What’s been going on in our Studios?

February was another busy month for Camberwell Studios. Here are our top Film and TV production moments.

Back in the Studio

Regular clients Circus Street and The Horror channel were back to record more content. Circus Street are an award winning, interactive media and marketing training business who returned to film more lessons and trailers for upcoming work. Whereas The Horror Channel were back to record more idents and links for this popular show. They both used exactly the same studio and lights in our very popular greenscreen Studio 2.

white studio space

Production Services

We were filming off-site for our Glasgow regulars Soluis. This time we went to a brand new Costa Coffee packing factory in Basildon to film its opening. We had barely three days to prepare and a chaotic schedule on the day but the team pulled it of with aplomb. We mainly provide our production services at our studios so this was a rare excursion. If you’re ever short – you know who to call. US.

Music Video Productions

A lot of music videos are filmed in our studios and this month was no exception. It was good to welcome back Paul Bliss – he wrote the English adaption of Star Fleet as well as being in the Hollies and Procul Harem – great bands from the 60’s and 70’s. EPiK Music Videos were also in again with some very strange props for their latest music video production. Keep an eye on their portfolio page for their productions!

We have a great space for music videos where you can do just about anything you want – we’ve had forest glades created, a shabby hotel room in Hong Kong. Anything is possible. That’s why we enjoy Music Videos.

Presenters in the Studio

Presenter-led presentations continue to be as popular as ever. Whilst ostensibly an easy shoot what we’ve noticed recently is that increasingly production companies are relying on autocue (if that’s you, you can read our overview and tips of how to use Autocue, here!) – such is the last minute nature of a lot of video production there isn’t any chance to learn the words.

presenter with autocue

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