2013Ok. For those who have missed their smokie work colleagues at the bike sheds/ wheelie bins, fire escapes and covered awnings for a fag break. Your new years resolutions will not go un-noticed.

For those that gave it a few weeks then got back on the saddle, shame on you. Quit in the summer.

This blog is inspired by the die-hards who have gone cold turkey in the name of all things positive and new. Which is why this edition of the blog will run down the year of 2012 and look ahead, through the cigarette smoke, into the bright new, very green (screen) future.

2012 saw some fabulous work from all manner of clients. From our prize draw winners to high end clients, solo indie producers to fully stocked crews of 30 + people. 2012 threw up a lot of surprises and many special guests. Please see the below link for previous blogspot entries from the past year:


Please also see our fantastic testimonials page which we all take great pride in honouring with every new and existing client. We hope to build on this success over the next year too!

This year we are looking into some major updates for Studio 1. We are extending the greenscreen cyc wall to include the right hand wall. We have already smoothed the back wall to better cope with the layers of green and white and green and white (Studio 1 available in white too!)

empty greenscreen Studio 2

We also plan to build a viewing platform and create further production space in the upstairs skylight studio section which could be perfect for daylight shoots (best and longer shoot days in the summer months of course)

We aim to further improve on already quality soundproofing of Studio 2 and add some sound treatment to Studio 1. We are continuing to add to our growing ‘in house’ kit list and we are adding 3rd party suppliers all the time. From set builders, to animal wranglers, specialists in all sorts of areas who are able to offer consultation to lend a very welcome helping hand to those burning questions. For example. Can we paint a person green? Can we allow reindeer to canter? Can we blow stuff up? All these questions and more can be answered. No job is too small or big and we pride ourselves on offering a few options. Even for the most random of creative ideas. Yes, sometimes we help to hone and shape those ideas into a reality. ‘No, you can’t have a 50ft inflatable with gunge all over it… You can have a 40ft inflatable though! I know where to find one just what you’re looking for sir!’

Please see this link below for all our preferred suppliers. We hope to add to these 3rd party suppliers as the year goes. Ideally we can become a one-stop-shop for production teams who can fire ideas over to us and we can formulate a plan, get contacts, offer logistics help, kit hire and anything else needed so they can just walk in and start and not worry about all the finer details and concentrate on that 9- 17 inch plasma window of creative gold in front of them.

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