By Jay Newby, July 21st 2020

Remote Production is one of the key innovations born out of the new Covid guidelines for filming. Being able to broadcast the live high-quality HD camera & audio signal to a client anywhere around the world as they work from home on platforms they already use (ie Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts) is a powerful tool.

Livestreaming, but not as you’d expect it

The concept is simple but effective, by utilising traditional live streaming hardware and software you can create a private and secure video feed that can be broadcast over any app the client is comfortable with. If this is a virtual conference platform like Zoom, then the client can share their notes in real time over the call with the Director or Camera Operator.

Remote Production Scenarios

  • For simple shoots, like a product shot or an interview set up, this is an ideal and efficient solution in a world where slimmed down crews are encouraged.
  • We have been able to conduct interviews with this set up, displaying the video call onto a Teleprompter screen so the interviewee can have eye contact with both the interviewer and camera at the same time.
  • This solution can be utilised with up to 4 cameras that can be connected and switched between, on the Zoom call, at the click of a button.
  • A behind the scenes camera can also be set up to further immerse your client and make them feel a part of the production between takes.
  • By shooting on a green screen it also means you can place the presenter or talent together in the same as shown in this photo below. With the right equipment, this can also be previewed live.

Live-Keying Greenscreen

Another benefit of the software that is particularly useful in our Studios is the ability to ‘live key’ the footage. Meaning that when you film on a greenscreen (or blue screen) the background can key out for an instant final result of whatever you are compositing there. This is very useful for clients who are having a hard time imagining what the background will look like in a completed green screen shot. It also means the lighting can be matched to the chosen backgrounds more accurately.

Worldwide Demand

We have seen a massive increase in demand for these remote production workflows with a number of clients in the US, Australasia, Europe and worldwide wanting to include contributors in the UK in their projects but cannot travel over here, either because of lockdown or budget restrictions. Here at the studios we have facilitated both the film crew and the live connection feed as an affordable all in one package for these productions.

For those still unsure how Remote Production works, here is a live demonstration from our long-term Cameraman and friend of the Studio, Peter Ford


A number of factors leave us to believe this workflow is here to stay post Covid.

  • This is a very affordable solution using tried and trusted technology.
  • It has the exciting potential of being able to connect with clients all across the globe and them getting to include contributors they wouldn’t have previously been able to travel and film for their budget.
  • Additionally, corporate and commercial clients now have the flexibility of monitoring a shoot from their home or office rather than having to travel and producers can slim down the number of people on set reducing the burden on the productions budget.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to book a remote production shoot with us.

Call us on 020 7725 5858 or email us on studio@camberwellstudios.co.uk

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