** Update 12th July 2021. 

Easing up. Maybe. Nonetheless, we will be maintaining our current procedures and require the wearing of facemarks in common areas and use of hand sanitisers. We will continue to require the names of all talent and crew attending the shoot. We encourage you to keep crews down to the minimum.


** Update 4th January 2021. 

We remain open. In updated advice The Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden says on his Twitter Account “The situation is very serious & we must act … For the arts/creative sectors this means … You should work from home unless you can’t – exemptions include for training and rehearsal of performances, recording studios and film & TV production.

We have carried out over 120 productions since the first lockdown ended and have well-established proven procedures. In addition we are doubling down on our cleaning and signing in procedures. We urge all productions to reduce their crew size to the minimum. If necessary we can allow extra time for setting and de-rigging. All productions should come completely prepared so that after signing in we can reduce contact to the minimum. So come with all your scripts printed, have plenty of pens and all the cables you need.


** Update 2nd November 2020 …. The Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has confirmed the Film and TV production industry can stay open. His twitter accounts says …

“The changes mean people should WFH where possible But, where this is not possible, travel to a place of work will be permitted – e.g. this includes (but not exhaustive) elite sport played behind closed doors, film & tv production, telecoms workers.”

Since the first lockdown finished we have had well over 100 productions here without incident. We operate strict procedures you can read in more details below.

** Update 10th August. We have now opened both studios for booking provided that we are confident that two productions can sit alongside each other. This means a maximum of 7-8 people overall in Studio 2 of which no more than five, including the talent, in the studio itself. The others would remain in the Studio 2 greenroom.

We are also reinforcing our sign-in procedures. This means we must have a list of ALL people expected in the studio for each booking. No name means no entry.

We don’t like having to insist on our rules, but they are for for the health and safety of all. Please help us help you by paying attention and performing your part in creating a covid-safe and friendly productive environment.  Thank you.

** Update 2nd June – read this guidance from the British Film Commission – the latest info that greenlights the way ahead

** Update 16th May – we have added useful links at the bottom including APA guidelines, BECTU advice and the UK Government.

Like you, we are keen to re-open our green screen studios and get on with the business of filming. We have thought through the issues as we understand them and have conducted a full review of our procedures and facilities to enable this.

We believe we can take in bookings provided we exercise caution, practise common sense and follow the guidelines.

We will not risk being a place of virus transmission. With that in mind, we have written this guide on how t film safely at Camberwell Studios during the coronavirus pandemic,

Our objective is to provide a clean and safe space for our clients to film. To do that we will work with each client individually to mitigate risks for their shoot and create a specific Covid-19 Risk Assessment for them.

The client is responsible for the safe running of their production within the hired studio spaces. This includes ensuring that all production crew follow guidelines within the common areas. 

  • The key to managing risk is the management of people in the studios and keeping the studios deep cleaned before, during and after each shoot, for which we are instigating a new and rigorous regime.
  • Within our entire facility, we can accommodate shoots of up to 15-20 people, depending on what is being filmed and how you go about it. (In normal times we have coped with up to 45 people).
  • Everyone must wear facemasks in common areas at all time.
  • We have the space to separate out different functions and the flexibility to provide more time for the shoot to set up and operate throughout the day.
  • We do have some ‘pinch points’ within the facility where care must be taken not to bump into each other: notably the entrance, the door into Studio 1, five metres of the corridor and the restrooms. We will manage this with signage, yellow tape and common sense (“anyone there?”).

Although we have two green screen studios, we will only take one exclusive booking per day.

When the situation allows and we can take two shoots, we will continue to implement strict safety procedures and make sure both productions know and are satisfied their safety requirements can be met. Staggered start times are one obvious way to mitigate this.

The following site plan shows the studio layout and will be the basis for the Risk Assessment. Teams will be assigned areas. The production schedule will manage their entry into and around the studio.

Camberwell Studios C19 Plan for Sakura


All productions must have a Production Lead (PL) who will be present on-site throughout the shoot and is authorised to make all decisions on the day.

All client, crew and talent details including email, mobile phone number and address must be provided by 5 pm on the day before filming. If someone is not on the list they cannot enter and must refer to the PL who will liaise with studio management. [1]

Arriving at the Studios

Our process starts with the Production Lead arriving first, to be briefed on how the studios have been set up, how people should be managed within the space and how to liaise with us throughout the day. We will require the PL to sign-off that the studios meet the requirement.

Before entering Camberwell Studios all production crew, clients and talent must:

  • Wait for the PL and Camberwell Studios staff to register and check them into the building
  • Be signed off against the production supplied crew list
  • Hand sanitise
  • Get temperature taken on entry and again at 2 pm. If someone has a high temperature they cannot enter the building (the PL should arrange for their safe passage home).
  • Wear a coloured sticker in common view showing they have been through this process.
  • All members of the client team, including talent, must not leave and return to the premises during the shoot. It will be its own lockdown area and the PL must make arrangements to ensure that this is understood and adhered to.
  • We have a private outside space at the rear where people can take phone calls, have a cigarette, relax.
  • Should anyone need to leave and return, the PL will inform Camberwell Studios and the entry process will be repeated.

PPE – All Production crew and clients must wear facemasks in the common areas on site. We also recommend that facemasks are worn all the time, including on set where practicably possible.

Hand Washing and Sanitising – Paper Towels, sanitizing soap and gel will be provided for the use of all.

Restrooms – Everyone using the toilet facilities MUST follow the hygiene procedures shown on posters. When they use the toilet they must put the seat down – then flush – wait 1 min and lift the lid and spray the toilet bowl with Dettol spray. Put the lid down. We have separated the toilets for Men and Women.

Equipment – if you hire equipment from a third party we will require a statement from the third party, in advance of delivery, stating that the kit has been hygienically cleaned before entering the studio. If you are using owner/operators we need to know but wouldn’t require the same statement. (You might depending on whether others will handle their equipment). If you hire lights from us we will provide this statement.

Shoot Rubbish must be gathered and placed in the provided bin. At the end of the day, the rubbish must be tied up and placed outside – we will show you where.

Catering – Deliveroo/Uber Eats etc seems the way forward.  The PL must liaise with Camberwell Studios to confirm catering requirements and timings.  Designated areas will be allocated for all catering and refreshment use.  Disposable cutlery and crockery only.

Drinking-Water and Refreshments All drinking vessels must be labelled for individual use.  Please ensure your team understands this and you make appropriate arrangements to provide appropriate disposable/reusable cups, mugs, cans, bottles.

Deliveries – often clients arrange for Amazon type deliveries (not kit and grip) to come directly to the studious ahead of the shoot. This is still OK with the following conditions:

  • Let the Delivery driver know they must not enter the building beyond the signs we have put in place
  • The package must be clearly marked with the Shoot Name. Make sure you use a consistent name that we know.
  • You must let us know when and how many parcels to expect.
  • We will place parcel(s) in a black bin bag awaiting your arrival. We will not open or inspect them.

Finally – if anyone on your shoot subsequently reports they have Covid-19 symptoms in the three days after, we ask and would expect you to tell us immediately. If and when a government app for smartphones is made available we would consider making it mandatory for shoots here. It isn’t our favourite idea but for the sake of all filmmakers (and everyone else) concerned it seems common sense. What do you think?   

This is uncharted territory.

We are all learning as we go. Our pledge is to work with you to talk through all the issues and concerns to provide a safe working environment for all our people.  We are continuously reviewing our procedures and will do everything we can to accommodate and meet your own requirements.

Call us on 020 7725 5858 or email studio@camberwellstudios.co.uk

Andy Woodruff – Managing Director Camberwell Studios Limited 

Updates and useful links 

[1] Our reason for taking this level of personal detail is to enable subsequent Covid tracking if required by the health authorities. It will not be used for any other purpose.

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