We recently completed a long-planned improvement to Studio 1 that will enable a wider variety of productions to get more value from their day of filming. These changes were made in response to demand from larger productions who need more space for the backroom teams and their equipment: off-set but near to hand. 

Gallery added 

Within Studio 1, we have added a small gallery overlooking the main filming space. This room is fully powered and can seat 3 or 4 people (two people if socially distanced). We’ve put an ethernet connection in there (up to 200mb download and up to 13mb upload) to assist live-streaming events. Although this new space sits within the studio, it has an almost zero impact on the filming area below.  

 Gallery Production and/or Client Space

Next to the gallery is a newly created production room that we have arranged for flexibility. It would suit clients, a wardrobe team, talent or however you wanted to use it. Note the light streaming through at the top left – it provides a gorgeous ambience. The dimensions are 4.5m square and 4.7m to the ceiling – almost a cube. We predict this room will become a favourite space.

How Much?

These will be chargeable spaces and like everything else here, they will be modestly priced. The gallery will include the new production room for £150.

Filming during Covid

We take our responsibilities seriously. Please take the time to read our notes on how we manage safe-filming at Camberwell Studios – click this link

More photos are available here



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